If you are feeling overwhelmed by a situation that you don’t think you can handle and feeling like you are losing ground – we are right here!

Contact us 24/7  if you are thinking of hurting yourself, somebody else, or trying to die by suicide.

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What is Crisis Intervention?

Crisis intervention is a short-term management technique designed to reduce potential permanent damage in addition to offering compassion to an individual affected by a crisis. 

What Constitutes a Crisis?

A crisis is defined as an overwhelming life event, which can include divorce, violence, the passing of a loved one, or the discovery of a serious illness. However, it also very much includes feelings. Sometimes we find ourselves overwhelmed to the point where we can’t breathe, we may feel physical pain, we might try to hurt ourselves or start having thoughts of trying to die by suicide.

What Happens During a Crisis Intervention Call?

If you choose to reach out, your call will be answered by someone who trained in crisis intervention, cares about how you feel, and won’t judge you. You can talk about whatever is going on for you at that moment and brainstorm with the responder as to different things you might be able to do to feel better. If you want, the responder can recommend local resources for you to access long-term help. Crisis intervention is not to be used in place of therapy or counseling. 

Will My Call be Traced or Will Someone Call the Police?

No! You don’t have to talk about anything you don’t want to talk about and the responder cannot trace your call, nor will the responder call for any services without your informed consent. Your call is completely confidential.

Why Should I Call if I Feel Like I’m Experiencing a Crisis?

If left unmanaged, a person with a severe crisis can undergo a significant amount of psychological stress, which carries links to major depressive disorder and other mental health conditions. When situations are less urgent, crisis responders can provide useful resources in the community setting to affected individuals.  

If You Want to Reach Out but Aren’t Sure Just Give It a Try – You Can Always Hang Up!


About Gail Whitmore

Gail Whitmore (US/UK – she/hers/they/theirs) had an unorthodox education in counseling and crisis intervention as she earned it on her feet volunteering for, and being trained and certified by numerous organizations such as Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Jacob Perlowe Hospice at Beth Israel Medical Center, Covenant House Nineline, and the Neighborhood Coalition for Shelter, all in NYC.

After relocating to Prague in 2002 Gail helped open the door to native English-speaking counselors and was the first and only person to offer 24/7 crisis intervention in English. She has given workshops in the Czech school system on domestic violence and incest and is a former member of the Supervisory Board and Advisory Board of the Liga lidských práv (League of Human Rights). Gail is the Founder of V-Day Prague, the Co-founder of One Billion Rising Prague and the Director of Ozvi se! / Hollaback! Czech, which is a member organization of Česká ženská lobby (Czech Women’s Lobby) who nominated her for the prestigious Women of Europe – Woman in Action Award. She serves on their subcommittee focused on ending violence against women. She has been an active part of Prague Pride since its inception in 2011. She has cooperated with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in hosting their annual International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day event since 2009 via her Prague Against Suicide platform. She has been providing suicide prevention and intervention online for IMAlive, the first organization of its kind for six years and is currently their Interview and Exam Supervisor. She is a much sought-after panelist and interviewee and in her career has worked with people from over 50 countries.

Gail is the go-to person by Czech crisis hotlines, the Czech police, women’s shelters, universities, study-abroad programs, various hospitals, and embassies in times of crisis when dealing with suicide, sexual violence, PTSD or other trauma. Gail still maintains an active counseling practice, Counseling in Prague that is person-centered and she is passionately committed to providing a place that feels safe (or as safe as safe can feel)!

Languages: English (Native); Czech, Italian, Spanish (Decent); French, German (Basic)