A Potential Sleeping Aid – White Noise

One of the often-used methods for improving sleep quality is white noise. White noise is a sort of monotone sound, hum-like and continuous. It can be heard throughout the day or generated by a particular device, which aids in blocking out other external noise and establishing natural rhythms in the surroundings.

Academic Burnout

Every student has probably experienced study burnout at some point in their life. However not everybody might know about this phenomenon, therefore it might be crucial to explore it and ways to improve study burnout.

Borderline Favorite Person

Relatively recently BPD became popularized on social media, which naturally led to a lot of storytelling and sharing of experiences through different platforms between users. One of the concepts that were coined within the community is a “Favorite Person”. A favorite Person is characterized as someone highly significant to the one with BPD, someone they have an extreme attachment to. It can be a lover, a family member, or a friend – although it could be
anyone who someone with BPD favors at the time.