Daniela comes from Peru where she studied for my bachelor’s degree in psychology. She worked for four years in her home country as a clinical psychologist with people struggling with different mental health difficulties and survivors of domestic violence.

Her journey in providing mental health support led her to pursue a Master’s degree in Global Mental Health at the University of Glasgow in the UK. During her studies, she actively engaged in online emotional support services and participated in suicide prevention initiatives among international students.

In her professional practice, she likes to combine her training in Schema therapy with DBT techniques and to support young adults and adults dealing with diverse mental health difficulties. She firmly believes that cultivating a non-judgmental and secure compassionate space is the cornerstone of the healing process, promoting trust and growth.

Beyond her professional practice, Daniela is committed to mental well-being and is a passionate advocate for international mental health equity across the globe. She actively promotes and supports initiatives that enhance mental health services, working towards a healthier world.

Covering fields:
Trauma and Post-traumatic disorders
Relationship issues
Emotional issues such as stress, depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders
Personality related disorders
Work difficulties
Psychoeducation on different mental health topics

Languages: Spanish, English

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