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Mint Terapie and Prague Integration are delighted to invite you for our unique event under the name of Well-Being day: Connection between nutrition, breathing and mental health.
On 9 th of May, 2022 at the location of HubHub, at Na Prikope 14, we gathered our experts to support you with your wellbeing and introduce you to practical tips and tricks for managing your lifestyle.
Faced paced lifestyle, connected with different stressors and other circumstances might leave us with limited time to take care of our own health. Therefore, we often report tiredness, bad eating habits, and feeling of being stressed and overwhelmed during our day.


Our program will be divided in 3 parts: Nutrition, Breathing and Movement from Mental Health and Mindfulness practice


1. Nutrition therapist Lucie will explain the role of specific nutrients that fuel your body and mind, and tips on how to attain a balanced diet that ensures optimal function and health.

2. Physiotherapist Farah will talk about the importance of breathing on our mental and physical health. She will also introduce several breathing practices that can help improve your well-being.

3. Our mindfulness coach and trainer Michal will introduce us into basic mindfulness practice that we can apply in our daily life to reduce stress, increase level of personal wellbeing and cope with challenging situations.
Light snacks, fruits and refreshments will be provided on the spot.

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