We are offering individual coaching services based on approaches of positive psychology.
We can support you with the following challenges:

– Recognize and activate your strengths
– Identify the factors relevant to your happiness at work
– managing high levels of stress at work
– Preventing burnout
– Implementing a self-care strategy
– Empowerment and finding your voice

Our trainer Judith holds a master’s degree in adult education and has a business trainer license for personal development. Therefore, her approach to Coaching is evidence-based on sound knowledge. She works systematically and is goal-oriented by applying tools customized to your specific needs. Together we can reflect on your current work environment and your internal goals and needs to craft a work environment that values who you are –  professionally and personally.

Judith’s passion is to work with people, help them grow, and empower them to get in charge of their careers and well-being at work.

feedback from clients:

– “Judith is very easy to talk to and I was at complete ease to opening up to her.“


– “Overall, it helped me to regain my confidence on a professional level and uncover skills I didn´t think I had. It also helped highlight what motivates me career-wise. I felt the questions and methods were adequate to what I needed.”