Dana was born in Prague, Czech Republic but lived for 43 years in México. She received her degree in Speech and Language Disorders and Oral Hearing Impaired Children Education at Instituto Mexicano de Audición y Lenguaje. She also has a Master’s Degree in Río Abierto Body Work System and Group Management, among other studies in bodywork and psychotherapy.

She has developed through the years an integrative approach to supporting people in difficult circumstances integrating body, emotions, and mind in a harmonic way to experience life in the best way.

She has worked in Mexico with non governmental organizations as well as governmental instances to support a non-violent culture for women in vulnerable situations, for children with different capacities, and for men to create a conscious setting to create different relationships. She has 30 years of experience supporting people with autism, Down syndrome, distress, and post-traumatic disorders due to violent life situations, eating disorders, and terminal diseases. Also, she has done special capacities for parents counseling and bodywork awareness programs to treat burn out in companies and coaching certifications.

She has a kind, respectful, non-judgmental and joyful approach to professional work and she has experience working with children, adolescents and adult people.

Covering fields:

Loss and grief
Life purpose rediscovery
Post-traumatic disorders and stress resilience
Special capacities parenting counseling
Wellness management individual and group
Chronic physical health conditions
Somatization condition
Life-Work distress and burnout
Relationship problems
Panic disorders
Sexual abuse and domestic violence
Social abuse at school and work

Languages spoken:

Spanish English

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