Veronika Luňová - Counselor Individual Counseling

Veronika Luňová majored in Clinical Psychology during her Psychology Bachelor’s degree at Tilburg University, in the Netherlands. She expanded her expertise by pursuing a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Now, she is back in the Czech Republic with the skills and in-depth knowledge she acquired during her studies. In addition, she learned what it means to live abroad under normal circumstances but also during a global pandemic. She is excited to be the support (she needed herself) for expats here in Czechia. 

Veronika utilizes a cognitive behavioral approach to mental health. She is working under a supervision of Helena Vontorčíková (the founder of Institute ACT+ in Prague) in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). She sees life as a journey that is both amazing and very challenging. Thus, she believes that the key is to establish a rich and meaningful life for the individual, while effectively handling the challenges that inevitably come with it. She uses mindfulness techniques and is ready to ACT. Are you?

Covering fields:

Work/study/life stress


Emotional distress


Language: Czech, English

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