Aydan Orzalkiewicz is a Prague based individual counselor working with adults for more than 3 years. She used to work in Azerbaijan and Russia before.  She graduated from Baku State University and later continued her education in Gestalt Institute of St. Petersburg which is a member of EAGT (European Association for Gestalt Therapy).

Aydan Orzalkiewicz is providing her psychological consulting by methods of Gestalt therapy. She got motivated to enter the field to increase self-awareness of her clients. She believes that “Awareness in itself is healing.”

Aydan Orzalkiewicz speaks and has her private practice in four languages (English, Russian, Turkish and Azerbaijani). She is continuing to improve her qualifications by participating in various psychological and psychopathological training programs led by experts from all over the world.

Languages: English, Russian, Turkish and Azerbaijani

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