What is couple therapy?

Couples therapy is a safe space where two people involved in a romantic relationship can have a third, non-biased person help navigate their issues and emotions.

Ultimately the goal is to help couples build a clearer understanding of one another and third individual and shared needs.

Who is it for?

Couple therapy

  1. Communication Issues: Poor communication is one of the most common problems in relationships. Couples may struggle with not listening to each other, frequent arguments, or misunderstandings. Couple therapy can help improve communication patterns and teach active listening skills.
  2. Conflict Resolution: Couples often seek therapy when they have difficulty resolving conflicts. This can lead to ongoing disputes that erode the relationship. Therapy can help couples learn effective conflict resolution strategies.
  3. Intimacy and Sexuality: Problems related to physical intimacy, sexual satisfaction, or differing sexual desires can lead to tension in a relationship. Couple therapy can address these issues and help couples reconnect on a physical and emotional level.
  4. Parenting Conflicts: Couples with children may encounter disagreements about parenting styles, discipline, and other child-related issues. Therapy can help couples develop a unified parenting approach and resolve these conflicts.
  5. Financial Conflicts: Disagreements about money, spending habits, or financial goals can strain a relationship. Therapy can help couples create a financial plan and learn to work together on financial matters.
  6. Cultural or Religious Differences: Couples from diverse cultural or religious backgrounds may face unique challenges related to their beliefs and values. Therapy can help them navigate these differences and find common ground.
  7. Life Transitions and Stress: Major life changes, such as job loss, illness, or relocation, can put stress on a relationship. Couple therapy can provide tools for coping with these transitions and maintaining a strong bond.

What is required to make it work?

It is important to share feelings about this space during the session, as this could reflect the feelings toward the relationship with the partner. It is necessary to be committed; the couple should go to the session even if they do not feel like going or feel they reached a calm state.

They can share with the counsellor how they feel and get to analyze what is happening inside. The mind can be tricky, and if the feeling of crisis has since calmed down, this does not mean that they healed. Healing is a process, never a temporary emotion and processes take time and dedication.

How does it work?

  • If you wanna attend any of our counselling sessions we would kindly ask you to fill out the form so we can determine how we can best assist you and connect you with the right counsellor match (Registration form link)
  • You will then be connected to your counsellor in next 24 hours and offered first appointment for free-so called discovery session
  • Discovery session is scheduled from your counsellor’s side and it is a short 15-20 minutes online call. Purpose of the discovery call is for you and your counsellor to get to know each other, set up realistic expectations, and agree on a frequency and therapeutic approach.
  • If you decide to proceed you will be offered to sign a consent (privacy) form and you will be informed regarding payment details.
  • Your first full time session can be done online/in person, in agreement with our counsellor
  • If you would like to set up a discovery call with another couple therapist, and then decide, worry not as you are eligible for another free call. Just email us and we will send you information about next available person

How long does the session last and how much do I need to pay?

Each session lasts 60 minutes and can even last up to 90 minutes.. Sessions can be done online or in person, depending on agreement with your counsellor.

Price for our counselling sessions for couples is from 2000-3000 CZK/session (depending on a counsellor)

Appointments that are missed or cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice will be charged in full.