Welcome to our business coaching and mentoring services page, where we offer individual sessions tailored to each person’s unique needs. 
We have 2 coaches on board: Judith and Almar
How can Judith help you?
 1. Recognizing and activating your strengths
 2. Identifying the factors relevant to your happiness at work
 3. Managing high levels of stress at work
 4. Preventing burnout
 5. Implementing a self-care strategy
 6. Empowering and finding your voice
How can Almar help you?
1. Goal-setting management
2. Skill development toolbox
3. Job search strategies
4. Work-life balance
5. Career Exploration
6. Finding, developing, and funding your own business
Contact us at contact@pragueintegration.cz with the name of the coach you want to be connected with and we will connect you for the free discovery session
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