Mindfulness workshops

Routine, rush, multitasking, stress, too little time “for anything” and subsequent overload. These day-to-day scenarios are well known to nearly all of us. But not everybody can deal with it.

These workshops are for anyone who wants to better manage stress, difficult emotions, or repetitive thoughts. The course will also help you to strengthen your concentration, increase your satisfaction and help you live more in the present moment.

The workshops can be realized for existing workgroups as well as for individuals interested in the topic and can be done online as well as offline


Mindfulness is a type of mental training during which we cultivate our awareness. This method is based on the concept of MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction) that I studied in the US. This is a scientific approach, conceived in 1979 at the UMASS Medical School under the guidance of Jon Kabat-Zinn. The approach uses a wide range of techniques to build awareness of our inner processes (thoughts, emotions, physical perceptions) and teaches us how to regulate these processes – how to regulate repetitive thoughts, stress, strong emotions, and so on.

Thus, mindfulness specifically focuses on:

  • Improving ability to control stress and better coping with a variety of emotionally challenging situations
  • Preventing burnout; coping better with challenging situations
  • Increased personal well-being
  • Less repetitive thinking
  • Better sleep
  • Increased concentration, higher empathy, etc.


  • Two-hour mindfulness workshop

This workshop is composed as a foundation for the mindfulness approach, and it will provide the participant with the essential skills to be taken away and used in their private as well as their work life.  

We also offer a series of follow-up workshops with a specific theme, e.g., mindful communication, mindful eating, stress management, etc.

  • An all-day mindfulness workshop offers a comprehensive introspective into mindfulness. This workshop provides a solid foundation and demonstrates ways of using mindfulness for stress management, for the control of strong emotions, repetitive thoughts or for eating.

5-8-week course of mindfulness provides all the necessary information and specifically focuses on a consistent building of new mindfulness skills, their practical use, and support throughout the course. 


Michal Dvorak – Mindfulness Teacher

I teach what I live. I regularly meditate and use mindfulness in both the pleasant and demanding situations that life brings. Mindfulness gives me peace of mind, helps me manage stress, calm me down, and gives me confidence in myself and the life around me. I graduated from the mindfulness teacher program at UMASS Medical School and Brown University, and I did a five- year psychotherapy training (SUR).



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