Group Support Sessions for Expats In Prague

Written by Marina Andreoli

Much like the customary ‘na shledanou’ after a silent elevator ride, or wearing socks with sandals, the idea of group support can be confusing. So, with another round of sessions coming up this March, we’re here to help demystify the process so that you can decide if these sessions are a fit for you.


A group of between 6-10 ex-pats who meet up every week. In our cozy new Vinohrady offices, ex-pats from around the world will reflect on and share their experiences of settling into Prague. Telling your story is a proven form of catharsis, and just as beneficial is learning from others who are going through the same thing! Each session, our two facilitators will introduce the topic for the week and strive to ensure that everyone gets time to share what they would like to.

These topics include:
  • The overall migration process
  • Expat specific stressors
  • Adjustment to a new culture
  • Changes in self-identity
  • Facing stereotypes and prejudices
  • Dealing with homesickness
Why Join a Support Group?

All ex-pats are navigating a life change with real psychological impacts. As a result, many find that their mood shifts for longer than they would expect, but can’t put a finger on why this is. We’d tell you that this is very normal, but it’s far more powerful to see it in action for yourself! Studies have shown that relationships are a powerful buffer against stress, and that is why mental health experts recommend plugging into a community of people who can share the load.

Support Group Goals:  
  • Show how the migration process can impact mental wellbeing
  • Be heard, hear others, make connections
  • Learn coping strategies
  • Foster a safe environment for relief, growth, and development
  • Share, encourage and empower
What Not To Expect:

Our conversations will center on the experience of being an ex-pat. We love to hear from the amazing individuals who share this gorgeous city, to support and share practical tips where possible. However, to ensure privacy and the best of care, we must note that these are not group counseling sessions. No clinical diagnoses can be discussed. If you would require deeper clinical insight into your struggles, please use the Prague Integration Discovery call option.

How Often Do The Sessions Occur?

These are 1.5-hour events held on Mondays, every week over 8 weeks.

So, How About It?

These Ex-Pat Support Sessions are here to help you adjust to life in Prague. We’ll provide councilor facilitation and a safe space to come as you are. In this safe space, you’ll find the emotional and social support required to help this city feel like your second home.

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