Learn More About Our Mental Health Programs in 2022

Written by Amanda Mataija

Learn more about our mental health programs in 2022

Do you want to learn more about our actual program and services for 2022? Well, look no further as we have made a reminder blog post on our current offer.

Individual Counselling

We are offering individual counselling services in a safe and supportive environment led by our counsellors and psychotherapists. Individual sessions last 50 min/each and the first meeting(so called discovery call) is free. Having this in mind, you can choose for yourself if you want to proceed with your counsellor without charging you extra for the first session. Our sessions are held both online and in person, depending on your request.

Group Counselling

Are you adjusting to life in Prague? Our Ex-Pat Support Sessions are here to help. With counsellor facilitation and an emphasis on group participation, each session aims to equip you with the information and support required to help this city feel like your second home. Sessions happen once every week and they are 1.5 h hours long and they are happening in person.

Partner Counselling

Partner counselling is a safe space where two people involved in a romantic relationship can have a third, non-biased person help navigate their issues and emotions.

The couple can learn more about what triggers them, improve intimacy and communication, get to see their partners and their pain deeply, accept differences, set boundaries, and ultimately design a shared future, either together or separately.

Couple sessions last 1 hour and can be conducted in online and in-person format.

Children and Teenager Counselling

This kind of therapy can help and offer children a safe and compassionate space to explore and work through psychological, emotional, social, and other difficulties. Typically, a therapy session runs 30-50 minutes long, depending on the child’s age and their capacity to engage in therapy and usually happens in person.

Interested to book and learn more. Fill out our form on: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1cqyh0IeUIj5O4DihvuEhQUJ1kmjw4cTUhl8bpuTXKn4 and we will get back to you in 24 hours directly connecting you with the counsellor who best suits your needs.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy