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Mental Health in times of uncertainty

Uncertainty is ever present in our lives. Yet, when the situations in our personal or work life get too unsettled, we might find it difficult to cope. This puts a serious strain on our mental health and ability to achieve our goals.

This workshop provides applicable knowledge of how to look after our own mental health during times of change and uncertainty.

Why is it important to look after mental health in times of uncertainty?

As humans, we are hard-wired to seek certainty, to know what is happening, and to notice possible threats to our wellbeing. When things feel uncertain, we lose our sense of safety and feel stress. That is a normal and adaptive reaction to changes around us. However, recently, the level of uncertainty experienced by many has far exceeded our ability to cope.

The work and organizational sphere have been particularly affected by sudden changes – getting used to working from home and then coming back to the office, changes in organisational structures, redundancies, destabilisation of global markets… Many of which we have no ability to control.

In order to withstand the ever-changing demands and avoid the financial and human cost of prolonged high-stress exposure, we need to train our resiliency and adopt a supportive mindset.

Mental health problems are among the most common reasons for sick leave in Europe. This causes significant losses and disruption for businesses, leaving aside the avoidable pain for those who suffer from burnout.

By ensuring your employees are well trained in burnout prevention, you contribute to their well-being and productivity. It is one of the steps that will lead you to a healthy and successful business culture.

In this practical workshop you will learn about:

  • The concept of the mental health continuum and how to use it to support their mental health
  • How to develop and apply a supportive mindset when facing difficulties.
  • How to direct our attention away from worrying to problem-solving.
  • The importance of understanding our body’s natural stress cycle.
  • Factors supportive/detrimental to our mental health
  • They will have an opportunity to individually reflect on how various situations in their life impact their mental health.
  • A short exercise to relieve stress
  • Mental Health Resources

Karolina comes from Czechia but she lived in the UK for almost a decade. She received her degree in Psychology from the University of Bath and an MSc in Public Health from UWE in Bristol.

Having worked for the NHS in a variety of hospital and community settings, she has varied experience in supporting people with chronic physical and mental conditions.

Since coming back to Prague, she has been providing one-to-one support to international professionals with issues such as anxiety, high-stress levels, and finding a career path or relationships.

Karolina has experience delivering tailor-made health and wellness promotion workshops for corporations, start-ups, and NGOs.






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