Are you an expat in Prague or the Czech Republic, seeking to broaden your social horizons and tap into a supportive community? You’re in the right place! Beyond the breathtaking architecture and rich history, Prague offers a vibrant expat scene with numerous networking opportunities. Here’s your guide to navigating the expat community and making meaningful connections.

Meetups and Social Groups:

  • Prague Expats Meetup: Join the Prague Expats Meetup group to connect with like-minded individuals. From casual coffee meetups to themed events, this group offers a diverse range of activities for expats looking to make new friends. Prague Expats Meetup
  • InterNations Prague: InterNations provides a platform for expats to meet both online and offline. Attend their regular events, which include social gatherings, cultural outings, and professional networking opportunities. InterNations Prague
  • Prague Integration! (of course): Prague Integration offers tailored support for expats, mental health counselling, fostering connections through cultural events, language exchange, and community initiatives. 

Professional Networking:

  • For expats focused on professional growth, you can search on Eventbrite for anyone organizing events and workshops tailored for networking and career development.

  • LinkedIn Groups: Joining Prague-specific LinkedIn groups related to your industry can open doors to professional connections and job opportunities. Search for groups like “Expats in Prague” or industry-specific groups.

Expat Communities:

  • Forum: The forum is a treasure trove of information. Engage with the community, ask questions, and share experiences to build connections. Forum
  • Facebook Groups: Explore Facebook groups dedicated to expats in Prague. Groups like “Expats in Prague” and “Prague Expats” provide a space for sharing insights, recommendations, and organizing meetups.

Language Exchange Events:

  • Connect with locals and fellow expats through language exchange events. Practicing Czech or another language can be a great way to break the ice and form new friendships.

Cultural and Hobby Groups:

  • Femme Palette: If you’re looking to connect with women from around the world, Femme Palette hosts events, workshops, and social gatherings. A great place to participate in inspiring panel talks, insightful workshops, and networking

  • Prague Hiking and Nature Groups: Join outdoor enthusiasts for hikes and nature excursions. It’s a fantastic way to explore the stunning Czech landscape while making new friends. 

Remember, building a network takes time, so be open, attend events regularly, and embrace the diversity that the expat community in Prague has to offer. Whether you’re seeking professional connections, friends to explore the city with, or a support system, Prague’s expat scene has something for everyone. Happy networking!

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