Moving to a new country like the Czech Republic can come with its fair share of challenges, and finding a place to call home is a top priority. If you’re an expat in Prague or any other city in the Czech Republic, you might be wondering how to navigate the real estate market when you don’t speak the local language fluently. The good news is that there are ways to find English-speaking real estate agents to help you with this important task.

Online Real Estate Portals:

One of the easiest ways to start your search is by using online real estate portals. Websites like,, and have listings in English, and many of them also feature listings by English-speaking agents. You can search for properties that match your criteria and contact the agent directly through the portal.

Expat Forums and Groups:

Expats often come together in online forums and social media groups to share information and recommendations. Platforms like Facebook and Reddit have dedicated expat communities for those living in the Czech Republic. Join these groups and ask for recommendations for English-speaking real estate agents. Expats who have gone through the process can provide valuable insights.

Real Estate Agencies with English Services:

Some real estate agencies in the Czech Republic specialize in catering to expats and offer services in English. Look for agencies that advertise themselves as expat-friendly or have English-speaking staff. These professionals are experienced in helping expats find suitable housing.

Local Expat Integration Centers:

Since you’re interning at an expat integration center, take advantage of the resources available there. They often have a network of contacts and can provide you with a list of English-speaking real estate agents they trust.

Ask Your Network:

Reach out to fellow expats, colleagues, and friends who have already gone through the process of finding a place to live in the Czech Republic. They might have valuable recommendations and insights to share.

Contact the Czech Chamber of Commerce:

The Czech Chamber of Commerce maintains a list of registered real estate agencies in the country. You can contact them and inquire about agencies or agents who offer services in English.

Language Assistance Services:

Consider using translation or language assistance services to help you communicate with local agents. This can be especially useful when dealing with non-English-speaking agents who may have great properties to offer.

Verify Credentials:

Regardless of whether an agent speaks English or not, it’s essential to verify their credentials, check their references, and ensure they are licensed and reputable. This will help protect you during the property search and transaction.

Finding an English-speaking real estate agent in the Czech Republic is entirely possible with the right resources and strategies. Take advantage of online platforms, expat communities, and local resources to connect with professionals who can help you navigate the real estate market smoothly. By doing so, you’ll be one step closer to finding your ideal home in this beautiful country.