Laura Henderson -Counselor Individual & Group Counseling

Laura Henderson (UK) is an art therapist who has lived in Prague since 2003.

Laura is committed to supporting clients to experience a deeper connection to their authentic selves, to others, and the world. Working through the visual arts is a holistic, embodied experience and gives us a new language to explore, name and express emotions, tell stories that are hard to tell in words, see situations from new perspectives and imagine the life we want to live. Creativity has been essential to our survival for thousands of years and is a rich resource available to everyone: no art experience is necessary for art therapy!

Laura has completed two accredited art and drama therapy training courses and is currently completing a somatic therapy qualification. Her background in LGBTQ+ activism, gender equality, refugee rights, and as a researcher in the field of creative education for social change all inform her work as a therapist. 

Languages: English, Czech

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