Suzie completed her bachelor’s degree in psychology at the Open University in Israel and is now in the process of completing her master’s degree at the University of New York in Prague. In the past several years she has been working for mental health services in Israel and is aiming to become a clinical psychologist. She is now a mental health counselor for adults.

During her experience, Suzie was exposed to several practices in mental health, such as mindfulness and addictions among adolescence.  She was tutoring individuals who deal with mental crises in order to recover and return to functioning. In addition, she had activated the Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator device for persistent depression and OCD. Previously she worked as a rehabilitation guide for individuals who deal with paranoid schizophrenia.

Suzie is implementing cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic approaches in therapy. Her special interest is in domestic abuse, toxic relationships, trauma, and improving self-image skills.

Covering fields:

  • Daily stress and anxiety

  • Depression

  • Self-perception

  • Goal seeking

  • Toxic relationships

  • Trauma

  • Schizophrenia

  • Personality disorders

Languages: English, Hebrew

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