ADHD Support Group

ADHD Support Group’s aim is to provide services to support and empower individual clients from or affected by, the medical condition known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and through this raise tolerance, awareness, and acceptance of the condition

We support each other with:

a) sharing information about how to get diagnosed/finding an adequate psychiatrist/MH professional in Prague or CZ Republic to work worth
b) coping strategies to deal with our condition
c) managing conditions that come with ADHD 
d) organization and support with daily tasks, routines, work
e) support and empowerment in the field of personal and professional relationships
f) personal plans and strategy

Meetings are held every Tuesday (19.30-21.00) 
We will meet in person at our office u Kanalky 5, 12000 Prague. The fee per session is 500 CZK (student discount available).
There are 10 sessions planned and max 15 members in the group.
The first intro session is 200 CZK of participation

Our counselor is psychologist and therapist Lyndon McWilliams.