Mental Health First Aid  

The Mental Health First Aid Training Workshop is designed to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to provide initial assistance to individuals experiencing mental health challenges or crisis

This workshop aims to break down stigmas surrounding mental health, enhance participants, understanding of common mental health issues, and empower them to offer appropriate support and referrals

The MH First Aid workshop can be held for both managers and/or all levels of associates, and range from 90 min-120 minutes long

Content of the Workshop

Increase Awareness and Understanding of Mental Health issues occurring in the Workplace

Develop Skills to recognise signs of Mental Health Challenges

Learn the Basics of Communication Techniques when addressing Mental Health Concerns

Understand the Importance of Self-Care and setting Boundaries

Practice providing Initial Help and support to Individuals in Crisis

Gain knowledge about available Mental Health Resources and Services

Dana was born in Prague, Czech Republic but lived for 43 years in México. She received her degree in Speech and Language Disorders and Oral Hearing Impaired Children Education at Instituto Mexicano de Audición y Lenguaje. She also has a Master’s Degree in Río Abierto Body Work System and Group Management, among other studies in bodywork and psychotherapy.

She has worked in Mexico with non governmental organizations as well as governmental instances to support a non-violent culture for women in vulnerable situations, for children with different capacities, and for men to create a conscious setting to create different relationships. 



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