Workshop Burnout Prevention

Workshop Burnout: Prevention for Individuals and Companies 

This workshop is designed for all individuals and employees that deal with a medium to a high level of stress in the workplace. It is designed for employees or managers at all levels.

Groups can be formed by interested participants or existing workgroups (a workshop is designed for an entire team).

We offer full-day and half-day programs in person or online (depending on your preference(s).


Today’s professional world is shaped by change, which is mainly driven by digitalization and globalization. This change has a strong impact on job profiles, work tasks, and the daily work life of employees. The repercussions of this are clear: Health insurance companies are recording increased absenteeism due to exhaustion, depression, and burnout.

Stress-related problems are among the most common reasons for sick leave in Europe. This causes significant losses and disruption for businesses, leaving aside the avoidable pain for those who suffer from burnout.

By ensuring your employees are well trained in burnout prevention, you contribute to their well-being and productivity. It is one of the steps that will lead you to a healthy and successful business culture.


  • The participants will learn about stress and burnout
  • We will cover the 12 stages of burnout by Freudenberger and learn how to recognize them
  • The participants will reflect on their stress-level
  • They will identify their stressors and we will use coaching tools to reduce or eliminate them
  • They will learn about strategies for burnout prevention and develop their action plan (which can also be done as a team)

COVID SPECIAL: Tips and strategies to prevent burnout in remote working conditions.

Judith comes from Germany and she holds her MA in Adult Education and is currently PHD Candidate at university of Economics, in managerial psychology. 

She has experience in working with corporations and youth associations to accompany and advise personal developmental processes as certified business trainer.

Judith has 7 years of experience in organising workshops. Judith is running Burnout Prevention Program (workshop) and Strength Profiling Workshop. 


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