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Written by Marie Belle Boulos

Red roses, heart-shaped cards, chocolate boxes, big stuffed bears, cheap wine and a fancy
dinner. Ugh…not again!
Valentine’s Day is approaching and so are the mixed feelings surrounding it. Some enjoy this day to the fullest and immerse themselves in the celebration of consumerism disguising itself in the expression of love. Others completely despise it for several reasons: being single, heartbroken or just because they find it ridiculous.
This blog is dedicated to those who completely forget about self-love and enter in a self-loathing period, especially on Valentine’s Day.
Why Does Self-Love Take A Step Back On Valentine’s Day?

“Not only do self-love and love of others go hand in hand but ultimately they are
indistinguishable.” – M. Scott Peck
A central requirement of loving others is having a good relationship with ourselves. If we are always hesitant about our own self-love, we put our relationships with others at a great risk. Self-love is an electric and magnetic power.

Your Self-Love Guide On Valentine’s Day
Take a break from social media

Social media can be very overwhelming in general, let alone on Valentine’s Day. Give your
social media a break, to avoid getting anxiety triggers and negative thoughts and emotions.

Engage in an activity

Do something you love. Meet with a friend. Take yourself on a walk. Buy yourself a nice meal. Meditate. Roam around and explore the city. Check these fun solo-activities to do in Prague 

Do a thoughtful act of kindness

The past four years, I have engaged in some sort of a Valentine’s ritual. I used to, on every
Valentine’s Day, give a red rose to the close people in my life: my mother, my grandparents, my flatmates and best-friends. It made my day brighter and boosted my energy and mood. An act of kindness never goes to waste.

Seek support if needed

An important component of self-love is to listen to your feelings and to assist them. Don’t hesitate to seek help whether by consulting a professional or talking with a friend. There is always someone at Prague Integration you can talk with. Remember, self-love is a journey and not merely a destination. Just like love, self-love is not occasional and bounded to one special day of the year. Choose Valentine’s Day to celebrate your achievements, yourself and the love you have in you, towards yourself and others. And to those who are happily in relationships, don’t forget to celebrate your individual selves and remind yourself of your self-love and its importance in your love journey with your partner. 

Now, I can (un)cheesily say Happy Valentine’s Day!