Flourish: Building Healthy Relationships


A transformative counselling programme designed for single women seeking to cultivate fulfilling and enriching relationships. Led by experienced mental health counsellor Dana, with the support of our mental health intern Kate, Flourish offers a comprehensive 4-hour journey towards understanding oneself and fostering healthy connections with others.


🗓️Date: Saturday, 4-May-24
Time: 10 am to 2 pm (4 hours with breaks)
📍Location: In person at Prague Integration, Mezibranska 4, Prague 1.
💰Price: CZK 800
Deadline: Apply by 28-Apr-24.
👥Capacity: A maximum of 10 participants to ensure an intimate and personal safe space.
Refreshments: Tea and coffee will be provided.

This programme is dedicated to single women, aged 18+.
Our working language is English.

Register via our online form and ensure your spot.

👇Scroll down for the agenda👇


1. Self-Exploration (45 minutes) 
🧭Introduction to the workshop and its objectives.
🔍Guided self-reflection exercises to explore personal values, beliefs and goals.
🗣️Group discussion on the importance of self-awareness in building healthy relationships.

2. Effective Communication and its Role in the Dating World (45 minutes)
💬Understanding the principles of effective communication.
🎭Role-playing exercises to practise assertive communication skills.
🔄Discussion on navigating communication challenges in dating scenarios.

⏸️Break (15 minutes)

3. Boundaries and Self-Care (45 minutes)
🚧Definition and importance of boundaries in relationships.
🛀Interactive activities to identify and set personal boundaries.
🌿Strategies for practising self-care and prioritising mental health in relationships.

4. Building Confidence and Self-Esteem (45 minutes)
💪Exploring factors that contribute to low self-esteem.
🌟Confidence-building exercises and affirmations.
💑Discussion on how self-confidence impacts relationship dynamics.

⏸️ Break (15 minutes)

5. Red Flags, Social Media Dating Apps and Navigating Modern Dating (45 minutes)
🚩Identifying red flags in relationships and dating.
📱Discussion on the challenges and opportunities of dating in the digital age.
🚪Strategies for maintaining healthy boundaries and self-respect in online dating.

6. Empowerment, Future Growth and Long-Term Relationships (45 minutes)
🌱Reflection on personal growth and empowerment throughout the workshop.
🎯Goal-setting exercises for future relationship aspirations.
💞Discussion on building and sustaining long-term, meaningful relationships.

7. Conclusion (15 minutes)
📝Recap of key learnings and insights from the workshop.
🌱Encouragement for participants to continue their journey towards healthy relationships beyond the workshop.
📚Distribution of additional resources and support options for ongoing growth and development.

🌺🌱Join us at Flourish and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, empowerment and cultivating thriving relationships.🌺🌱