Kate is Czech, and she joined us as an intern. Her background is in business and corporate, and she has a master´s degree in human resources. She is also a trained coach. She is continuing her development and completing a second Master´s in Psychology at the University of New York in Prague. Kate is particularly interested in the field of organisational psychology and palliative care.

Apart from the internship in our company, Kate also interns at a palliative care unit and in clinical psychology (neurology).

Kate believes we are all unique human beings with different and individual needs, therefore she prefers a client-centred approach, focusing on trust, empathy, and a non-judgmental safe environment. She helps adult clients find their way to identifying the underlying obstacles that may be holding them back, and helping them find their unique way to heal.

Kate provides individual sessions and wants to specialise in depression, anxiety, grief, relationship issues, and personal and career growth.

Languages: Czech, English