LGBTQIA+ Support Group

Find support in our LGBTQIA+ Support Group—where our challenges are met with understanding, and our victories are celebrated together. Your story matters, and here, you’re embraced authentically.

Join our Counsellors Reb and Trinity, as they navigate the unique challenges faced by queer expats, and embark on a journey of self discovery and growth.

Exploring your queer identity in a safe space can be extremely gratifying and foster holistic well-being. Together, we will navigate shared experiences, finding common ground while celebrating unique identities. We can deep dive into the challenges, making them less daunting and more enriching.

Together we can create a space of understanding, healing, and communal strength. 


Some important info:

Start Date: March 6, 2024

Sessions will be held on Wednesdays, every second week at 18:30-20:00, in person at Prague Integration.

A maximum of 10 participants to ensure intimate and personal safe space with the same closed group meeting every 2 weeks.

The deadline to apply is February 21st . If interest exceeds 10 participants, interviews will be held on Feb 23-24 to finalize attendees for the first ‘LGBT Integration’ round.

Here are some of the topics we will be tackling:
Who am I? 
Coming out
Expat LGBT
Culture and Discrimination 
Family relationships
Self acceptance
Guilt and shame
Mental Health
Loneliness vs Connectedness 
Closure and Legal issues 
6th March – Initial session
27th March
10th April
24th April
7th May 
22nd May
5th June – Closure
For the complete program of 8 sessions is 3500czk (500czk per session) payments can be done in instalments. 

There’s a cancellation policy: if you choose to withdraw before the third session, you are eligible for a 50% refund of the instalment

Age 18+, and all gender identities and sexual orientations are welcome!

To join, write to us here at and fill out this form