ADHD Online Support Group for expats in Prague and Berlin

ADHD Support Group’s aim is to provide services to support and empower individual clients from or affected by, the medical condition known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and through this raise tolerance, awareness, and acceptance of the condition

For those who need additional support, we are organising ADHD support group in online version specifically for expats in Prague and Berlin with our psychotherapist and clinical psychologist Lyndon Williams

Start date: 9.2.2023 at 7.30 PM via Zoom
Session duration: 90 min (1.5 h)
Number of sessions: 10 sessions
Cost: First session free, others 25 EUR/90 minutes
If you would like to register, fill out our form: 


Each participant signs consent(privacy) form prior to start of the counselling
Looking forward to hear from you
Prague Integration Team