Glynis Hull-Rochelle (USA) has been in Prague for over 30 years. Her background as a Montessori educator, yoga/acroyoga practitioner and contemporary circus teacher, and years spent in social justice movements, all inform her work as a therapist.

She believes in the healing power of the body, the imagination, and play. When we enter into an authentic embodied encounter in a playspace, free of the conventions of daily life, we can explore more deeply what is important to us and uncover and experiment with new possibilities for ourselves within the safety of the therapeutic relationship.

Glynis is a dramatherapist and member of the Czech Dramatherapists’ Association (ADČR). She is also a certified school trauma counselor and works as a social-emotional learning facilitator at schools, as well as offering private therapy sessions for teens and adults.

In addition to dramatherapy, Glynis has been trained in trauma therapy (ALIVE, NARM, currently Somatic Experiencing) and recognizes that our physical, mental and emotional health is shaped by our social, political, economic and cultural contexts.

She is dedicated to trauma-informed care and holding space for clients to learn to listen to their bodies, become present in the here and now, clarify their needs and values, and move toward their visions for their futures.

Since 2016, Glynis has been running a support and social program for LGBTQI+ teens, sometimes coaching their parents as well, and sensitivity training on the topic at schools. She is responsible for the LGBTQI+ support groups at PI. Glynis is a feminist and gender-affirming therapist, ready to work with GSRD (Gender, Sexuality and Relationship Diversity) clients and others who want to feel more alive.

Languages: English, Czech

Not accepting new clients

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