Physiotherapy in Mental Health

Physiotherapy plays an important role in mental health. Anxiety, chronic pain,and depression are common symptoms of our clients. Where you come in toaddress and help your clients overcome their struggles, we may add several complimentary benefits by the means of physiotherapy.

Besides treating pain from surgery, injury or trauma, physiotherapy may aid by movement and breathing exercises, and support any individual by developing self-management strategies that can help them deal with their daily stresses.

Physiotherapy treatment and exercise provide many positive physiological responses such as decreased stress and fatigue and improvement in circulation and mobility. Overall these effects help people feel better, more confident and improve their body’s self-awareness. 

Who We Are

MINT Terapie is an established private clinic based in Prague, Czech Republic.We are a team of therapists with complementary backgrounds providing comprehensive healthcare solutions for everyone – adults, children, and babies.

We work closely together with our external partners to offer holistic solutions for the challenges of our clients.

Our services include:

  • Physiotherapy and osteopathy treatments for adults, children, and babies
  • Women health and pregnancy-specific therapy
  • Corporate physiotherapy on-site and online
  • Therapeutic yoga and meditation
  • Nutrition therapy

MINT terapie s.r.o
Narodni 1010/9,
110 00 Prague 

+420 602 642 411