Psychiatric Therapy – Inpatient Program

In our residential clinics we offer 2, 4 and 6 week stays focused on problems with addiction, anxiety, depression, burnout syndrome, and life crises. We can organize your arrival in a few days, max 1-2 weeks. 

At the onset and during the stay you will meet regularly with a psychiatrist to address the current issues that brought you to the stay. The psychiatrist is a doctor who medicates when necessary and also adjusts or stabilizes the medication during the stay. After your stay, we recommend that you continue to be seen by a psychiatrist until your condition stabilizes and you are monitored by a physician for some time. It is possible to continue working with the psychiatrist in our outpatient clinic or we can help you to contact a psychiatrist in your place of residence.

For more information please contact the reception in our outpatient clinic and please inform them you have been referred from Prague Integration.

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