Fundraising campaign: Mental Health Support Group


Hello, we are Prague Integration, doing workshops, courses and events in Prague, Czech Republic for foreigners. We have started to build our community of expats this year, managing events when pandemic hit us.

With second wave, Czech Republic, with the biggest number of growing cases in Europe started another lockdown, and we have been experiencing extremely difficult time. This is specially more sensitive for expats who are separated from their home, without adequate support, family and loved ones, often more affected with social isolation and damaged mental health.

For that we have started our Mental Health Support Group for foreigners in Prague, currently counting more than 50 clients, and 7 different psychologists/psychotherapists. As demand is growing and we are working on donations, sometimes is hard to give the relevant support and help for all the expats reaching out to us. Many of them also lost their job and are with limited financial resources. Also our therapists work on donation basis, investing their time, resources and efforts to help.

For this we would need your help-if you can donate at least 50 CZK-2 euros as minimum donation we would be very grateful. We know that times are difficult for all of us, but we believe that the strength is in community ; supporting and helping each other in these difficult times.

Our further goal is to provide as well mental health support after pandemic and give access to more foreigners living not just in Prague, but in whole Czech Republic.

Thank you for your help and stay healthy,

Amanda Mataija, Founder of Prague Integration

LINK to Donate:

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