Introducing an LGBTQ+ support group

Prague integration is pleased to announce that we are introducing an LGBTQ+ support group. This group is a safe-space with the goal of empowering LGBTQ+ people to cultivate resilience while in connection with kindred spirits. In addition to various personal histories, you will share the experience of living (many as foreigners) in a cis-heteronormative social context. The group is a space for processing your feelings, making connections with others, expressing what’s inside you, visioning your futures, and establishing self-care practices for the long term.

Our intro meeting + 6 session program will take place on Nov. 19,26; Dec. 3,10,17,29; and Jan.7 from 5:30 -7 pm and 7-8.30 pm.
For more info about the program and the therapists, contact us or visit our Facebook page.

Read more about LGBTQ+ support group here!

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