Discovery Call: your first meeting with a counselor

Written by Chantelle Tuma

Wondering how does your first meeting with mental health counsellor work?

Look no further, as we have prepared practical steps to help you out with your first appointment.

What is a Discovery Call?

A discovery call in an initial on-line meeting with a counselor that generally last 15-20 minutes. The initial call is an opportunity for you and your counselor to get to know each other and get an idea of how to proceed. It also offers an opportunity to decide if you want to schedule a future appointment either online or in-person. This call, as all the further sessions you will have is strictly confidential and all the information is staying between your and your mental health counsellor.

What to Except From the Counsellor?

The counselor will typically start off the call with a few questions to get to know you better, so they can make sure they’re qualified to meet your needs. This includes questions about why you want to see a counselor, how you’ve been feeling over the past few weeks, and your goals for counseling.

What is Expected From You?

If you’re seeking counseling related to a particular concern (such as anxiety, postpartum depression, or relationship issues) ask targeted questions to ensure the counselor has that specific expertise or cultural knowledge. The call is also a good time to see whether their expertise and training feel like a good fit for you and aligns well with your mental health goals.

How Does the Call End?

At the end of the call you will have the opportunity to schedule a first session. Be honest with yourself and the counselor.

If you don’t think they’re the right fit, or you’re not sure, just say so. It’s much better to be direct than to waste your time scheduling a session you aren’t excited to attend. It’s best for both you and the counselor to feel a sense of connection before you begin your sessions together and if it isn’t there, they might not be the best fit.

Ready to Book Your Discovery Session?

Simply fill out the registration form on our website and we will set you up with your call within 24 hours.

Remember that it’s normal to feel nervous about this first call. However, rest assured knowing that you’re taking the first step in your mental health journey.